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Get your child an age appropriate children’s book about ER or hospital visits to familiarize her with the facilities, staff members and activities she might encounter during an ER visit. The American Medical Association sponsored a book called „Maggie and the Emergency Room“ that describes a girl’s visit to get stitches, a common reason a child may visit the ER. Younger children will be comforted by the familiar characters in „Franklin Goes to the Hospital“ and „Curious George Goes to the Hospital.“ These friendly animals ask questions that children may have about what happens in the hospital, and are comforted and reassured by their adult caregivers.

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One possible explanation for any improvements seen in the survival of patients who stop smoking might be a reduction in mortality from cardiorespiratory causes, as the risk of death from these diseases reduces after cessation.9 18 Consequently, we estimated the expected contribution of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases by using life tables as above to find the number of cardiorespiratory deaths prevented by smoking cessation in the general population. We estimated the risk of death due to cardiorespiratory causes in the general population of 65 69 year olds from data from the Office for National Statistics.19 We barbour jacket style
assumed that this death rate was approximately that of the non smoking population, because around 12% of this age group barbour gilet mens
smoke.20 We multiplied this rate by the relative risk of death from cardiorespiratory causes in lifelong smokers to estimate the number of deaths that would be expected over five years from cardiorespiratory causes in the general population of 65 year olds who smoke. We then applied the risk reduction from cessation to estimate the number of deaths that would be prevented and compared this with those prevented in non small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer populations as estimated in this review.9